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Paul D. Chilvers-Grierson  
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Other Stuff for Fun and Profit

I have come across a number of things that I have found useful both in my life generally and also with regard to developing my own interests on the internet. As I discover new ones, I intend to add them to this page. I hope you will check them out, and if you find them as interesting and potentially helpful as I have, you might like to get them for yourself.

A little tip: If you're anything like me, you may find you get immersed in these things and one thing (or rather one click) leads to another. So I suggest you just go through them one at a time, and if you find time running away with you, just come back when you're ready and click on the next one!

The first couple of links are more "personal development" related, further down the list you are getting into stuff that is more practically oriented to doing things on the internet. Anyway, I hope you have as much fun with them as I do!

"Banabu" - Building a New and Better Universe

I recently downloaded this Human D-Cell Free Report and it made me feel good just reading it, especially as I recognised something simple any one of us can do immediately - he wasn't kidding. It was released as part of the launch of a downloadable multimedia home study course called "Banabu", which stands for "Building a new and better universe", and is based on 11 principles.

Mike Kemski, the man behind Banabu, says "once you know what these 11 Simple Proven Principles are and how to use them, you can use one or more of them to get whatever you want, become whoever you want to be, overcome any obstacles that you have, and live the life you've always dreamt of living. Because they apply to every area of your life from money, relationships, health, job, business, family and more."

Although you may find that sounds a little overdone, the whole thing is actually quite intriguing. The actual course goes for $97, when I looked they were doing an introductory special of $47, but even if you just get the free Human D-Cell PDF it's worth taking a look, so go ahead and get it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it as much as I did!

[Update: I have now gone ahead and bought the actual product and am about a third of the way through on my first read, and I can say it was definitely worthwhile!]

The DNA of Success by Jack Zufelt
This book (and the CD course you can also get) which deals with identifying and acting on your Core Desires, has had a profound influence on me. Jack Zufelt basically says that you only get what you really want, but most people don't know what that is, or the true reasons that really motivate them to do certain things, and offers a way for each of us to find that out for ourselves by asking certain questions that uncover our core desires. This information was definitely money well spent. (On the website you can actually read the first chapter for free, a real eye opener. And of course he has a free newsletter.)

The Science of Getting Rich
This is a really interesting site based on this book written about 1910 and "rediscovered" by a lady called Rebecca Fine, who has built a business around it. She offers the actual book itself as a free, downloadable ebook. For those who want to take it further, she has an audio book and a course you can do (for which you name your own price - how fair is that?!). Even if you don't go for the other things, do like I did and download the book, subscribe to the free ezine, and visit some of the forums. It takes a bit of getting to grips with, and I've only read it one and a half times so far, but I feel it actually has a lot to offer, so why not get a copy too? (Actually I am now thinking of getting the audio CD too, as I don't seem to find the time to reread the book as I would like to.)

Site Build It!

Want to build your own internet business but don't know where to start? Start here! I only recently discovered this site and not only the unique tools but also the range of very useful information material it offers, some of it free (e.g. a number of quite extensive ebooks) that I found I could immediately put to use. You can see the site I am building with it at Scotland Secrets!

The Niche Mastery System

I have just bought this course, which ties in very well with SiteBuildIt! mentioned above, and takes the mystery out of finding and developing a profitable niche (or niches) that you will not only enjoy working in but that can also provide you with a source of income - so you can devote even more time to your interests, e.g. Dumfries and Galloway in my case! Make sure you subscribe to the free 7 part ecourse (right at the bottom of the page), which gives you a good overview of what to watch out for when building a niche website.

Wondering what to do with all those digital photos?

These days more and more people have a digital camera .... and as a result they have - you guessed it - more and more digital photos! What do you do with them all? Sooner or later your computer is going to be full, or you'll have stacks and stacks of CD-ROMs you never look at.

An interesting answer to that is a website called Photomax (Max is actually a dog, looks like a fox terrier, I think). You can upload your digital photos to the site, and they are safely stored in the heart of a mountain in the Rocky Mountains, if I remember correctly. But not only that, you can also have your old paper photos digitised and stored there as well (they also send you a CD when they return the photos). Once the images are online, you can do things with them, like create your own photo albums, or even slide shows or films on DVD. You can get a device from them that just plugs into your camera at one end and the PC at the other and uploads your digital images straight to the net. This service is available in North America, and now also in Europe. Australia and New Zealand may have to wait a while, but check it out any way and bookmark the page (this is my own personalised page by the way). Here's the link again: Photomax.

Internet Marketing Tips

Corey Rudl has an excellent internet marketing course which I have bought and recommend, but at this site you can also subscribe to his free monthly newsletter and get real cutting edge tips that you can actually implement, rather than wishy-washy sales talk that doesn't tell you anything (though you might find the actual website kind of high powered stuff!). In fact, I subscribed to this newsletter for some time before - on the basis of the information I was getting from it - I decided to buy the course. I have not regretted it, and at some stage I intend to buy more of his products. (By the way, all the newsletters going back years are archived on the website, reading them is likely to keep you going for hours!) [Tragically, Corey was killed on 2 June 2005 in a car racing accident, in which he was a passenger. He was only 34, and had married only months before. His death was followed by an outpouring of grief in internet marketing circles, and many, many people have stated that they owe their current success to his information and his determination to share all he learned the hard way - he was one of the real pioneers of the internet. Actually it was his course that finally got me to make a start on the "work in progress" that is http://www.dumfriesandgalloway.info. His wife and his colleagues, who were handling much of the development work by this stage, have announced that they will carry on the Internet Marketing Center, so you can still go there with complete confidence, I recommend you do.]

Minisite Creator

This one is for those who prefer to do it all themselves, but haven't got a clue! The link takes you to Jim Edwards' blog, where he has a highly praising and rather amusing, objective article by a top internet educator and journalist about his course, which I incidentally recently bought. I like Jim, he's a really down to earth guy who likes helping people, and when you see the picture of him at the top of his blog, with his boyish grin, I think you might share my view :-)

Update: I recently attended a two day workshop with Jim Edwards near London, and now I like him even more! I can wholeheartedly recommend anything he does!

Nitro Marketing
This is another source I have found of masses (almost too much) of concrete tips and information for internet marketing. Some of the sales material you may find a little overdone, but the material they provide on their various websites, in their newsletters (e.g. What Works Now) and in particular in extensive free webcasts about once a month is stuff you can apply immediately. The only problem for me with the webcasts is that because they are done in the USA, I have to stay up VERY late to listen to them - but I do, and I don't regret it. I recommend you sign up for the newsletter and the webcasts if you are interested in learning things to do on the internet. Even if you haven't done anything yet, it might give you some ideas, like it has to me.

AdSense Plus
AdSense Secrets
In case you didn't know, Adsense is a program where Google allows you to make money when people click on advertising links that you can place at your own website(s).

Now, there is a man called Joel Comm and it wasn't so long ago he was making only $30 a day with Google's Adsense program. Then one day he realised it must be possible to do much better and Joel began testing other ways to increase his Adsense earnings...

Not only did it work... but... (and this is a BIG BUT) Joel documented everything he did to make his Adsense commissions shoot up to the sky... This is significant and here's why...

Now you can have access to it all where you'll view actual details of what Joel does to make some of the biggest commissions you'll ever hear about online... AdSense Secrets. In his new Adsense book sweeping the internet [update in March 2006: 3rd, revised and expanded edition just came out], Joel candidly allows you to look over his shoulder. Now your odds at winning with Google Adsense are more in your favour than ever before.

I participated in a web-based teleseminar when I bought this immediately downloadable ebook, and Joel showed, live, a number of his actual websites where he employs these techniques - something most people won't do.

By the way, we're not talking about Joel doubling his Adsense commissions from $30 to $60 a day... but more like a staggering $500+ per day! (I told you it was significant).

AdSense Secrets.

Joel's commissions are so huge now... UPS has begun delivering his cheques!

He climbed up to making $18,343 in December 2004 and it's quite possible it may keep climbing - with no end in sight...

Joel's case study shows how it didn't take long once he knew how to tweak his Adsense pages.

Of course there is no guarantee that you can duplicate that, but I know of at least one woman, a work-at-home-mom in Canada, who increased her daily AdSense earnings by about $50 just by applying some of the ideas from this book (she was the one who led me to get it actually).

It's rather a long book (over 200 pages), and I have only just started reading it but I have already made a start on applying a couple of tips and am happy to report that I have noticed an initial, albeit slight, upward movement which I expect to get stronger as I read and apply more of the information here.

So if you have a website (or a blog, which you can of course get for free), why not check this out? You may be very glad you did!

You've probably come across PayPal if you have ever been to eBay, it's a subsidiary. What you may not know is that anyone in any country can use it to send or receive money, across currencies. All you and the other person need is an email address, and of course either a credit card or a bank account. I have PayPal payments deducted from a credit card and have found it an added advantage that because it gets deducted in my local currency, the credit card company does not take off an additional percentage for international transactions, as it does otherwise. Of course, if you have a website and want to sell something, you can use PayPal to make the transaction easier for all concerned. And if you want to use it to buy stuff, you can either have it deducted from a card or account, or you can deposit money in your PayPal account to cover transactions. Of course you can also use it privately, e.g. to send some funds to a son or daughter on the other side of the world in the middle of the night without having to go to a bank.... If you think this might be something you can make use of, check it out.

Alternative marketing ideas that work.

Learn how to introduce products or services directly to people like yourself, in the same way that Dell Computer does. Find entrepreneurs to help you expand your business. Just like Amazon.com does with their 800,000 Associates. Kim Klaver has done it, and has helped thousands of others do it, too. This woman, a Harvard graduate and author of many academic books before she entered business, really opened my eyes. I don't remember how exactly I came across her, but I am certainly glad that I did. I bought her "Truth" book and a couple of others, as well as a number of her tapes, and am looking to get her latest ebook in the near future. The lady is refreshingly different in her approach!

Big Planet
Big Planet

Internet shopping and much more